What Is ProSolution Gel?

According to the label, ProSolution Gel www.ufbusa.com is an edible, mint-scented compound that’s specifically developed to accomplish these 5 things for the majority of guys (if they use it as directed):.

  • It assists construct a rock-solid erection right away.
  • It makes the penis appearance thicker and fuller.
  • It increases stamina and staying power.
  • It magnifies orgasms.
  • It boosts bedroom confidence and imagination.

Apparently, the secret to the option’s efficacy is found in its proprietary formula that includes an entire host of natural ingredients that operate in tandem with the male body. Including various natural focuses that soak up quickly in to penile tissues, the gel is stated to deliver quick outcomes with no item transference (a.k.a. partner numbing). My enthusiast reported a slight tingle (but it might have had something to do with the amount I used).


How Does Pro Solution Gel Work?

The kids down at the ProSolution laboratory discovered that penile blood flow and erection power are connected to nitric oxide levels. They invented their prized gel to increase nitric oxide levels on contact. Simply put: Instead of the compound having to transverse the human digestive system before it starts working, ProSolution Gel works instantly to produce results you can both see and feel.

Here’s how they say it works: Nitric oxide is understood to trigger the smooth muscles in our penis to unwind a bit. This causes a domino effect that, for many men, can dramatically improve penile performance and appearance. Relaxed penis tissues then widen and become more engorged with blood than previously, consequently causing thicker, longer-lasting hard-ons naturally and instantly.

And although their item is made with a number of ingredients that are typically recommended by reproductive professionals, you can get ProSolution Gel without a prescription (for now). Unlike other comparable items, it can be used during oral sex without requiring your partner to sign a waiver.

What Are the Main Active Prosolution Gel Ingredients?

The makers of ProSolution Gel are all up in our faces about the “specific formula” with which their item is made. They say it’s unlike anything on the modern-day market which the nitric oxide is simply a small part of a much bigger, thicker and fuller puzzle. Let’s simply see about that, shall we?

  • L-Arginine.
    This is an important amino acid that the body utilizes to produce its own nitric acid reserves.
  • Bearberry Extract.
    This is an astringent herb that promotes fluid movement in the penis.
  • Mango Butter.
    This is an incredibly luxurious lube that’s made with mango essence, thought about an aphrodisiac in lots of cultures.
  • Aloe Vera.
    This is a skin-softening and soothing botanical that functions as a provider for the other ingredients in the product.
  • Algae Extract.
    This is a botanical that offers flexibility to the epidermis of the skin, enhancing the look of the penis and promoting better and faster product absorption.
  • Vitamin C.
    This is a nutrient that increases libido, decreases recovery time, and boosts sexual intercourse frequency and duration while likewise enhancing erection solidity and endurance.
  • Menthol.
    This is a naturally-derived compound that warms and promotes the genitals.

There are no damaging petrochemicals in the ProSolution Gel formula which’s a very good thing. The item, according to the manufacturer’s claims, gets made with the highest quality ingredients and under strict standards at a prestigious cGMP-certified pharmaceutical laboratory in North America. There are no worries about getting magic beans from a con guy midway throughout the world.

The makers likewise claim that you can get long-term, semi-permanent results if you utilize ProSolution Gel every day for 60-90 days. For the men out there who may attempt it, buy a three-month supply they get a couple of freebies like subscriptions, supplements, and so on