How to improve your visibility on Instagram?


Leverage user-generated content

The user on Instagram is eminently active. If you manage to have a participative community, use the content generated by others to bring them to your account. It’s basic psychology: we like to be recognized.

Besides, it will allow us to generate content without spending a lot of resources. What is clear is that you must take care of the image and that your account follows coherent visual codes. This means that you should not upload anything, try to maintain uniformity.

What is clear is that nothing will work better than generating content thanks to your community and making them participate. That’s what communities are all about

Use Hashtags correctly

It’s not about labeling anything. Be naughty. It’s about finding out which hashtags you’re going to use to improve your reach (which by default will tend to be very low, we already know what’s going on in the Facebook proprietary networks).

If #Love has a lot of competition and a lot of content is generated around it, it won’t do you any good and you’ll only attract bots, which won’t be interesting for building an active community. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a more concrete hashtag, one that’s active but doesn’t have as much content saturation, there are probably more people who will find you thanks to that hashtag and you’ll manage to increase not only your reach but also your audience.

For this, there are several tools, one of our favorites is Displaypurposes and another is Hashtagify.

Link Stories and Feed correctly

On both sides. We see a lot of the typical NEW POST story but we also have to use it on the other side. Why not use a post from the feed to draw attention to new content in stories. But don’t use the same picture, try to link it in a different way, for example: if there is a new post, from stories make a teaser. If there is a new series of stories (better than just one), from the feed make a summary of what you are going to find.

These are ideas, make them your own, but do not miss the opportunity to look for links and try to increase the reach, both in one format or another.